ORIGA’s final work

ORIGA’s final work will be released as two CD albums.

ORIGA’s greatest hits "all of ORIGA" and the set of her final original albums “Amon Ra” and arrangement of the Russian folk songs “The Annulet” will be released on October 21st.

“all about ORIGA 1994-2014” (RSCR1008/1009) JPY3000+ TAX
Double album with total of 26 tracks. 19 tracks released by Toshiba EMI and GEMMATIKA including two sound sources exclusively released on streaming and additional 7 tracks where ORIGA participated as a vocalist.

“Lost and Found” (RSCR1010/1011) JPY2000 + TAX
Songs were mostly composed by ORIGA herself for “Amon Ra” with 9 tracks and “The annulet” with 5 tracks
“The annulet” contains three bonus tracks each composed by HIMEKAMI, Watusi(COLDFEET)+SUGIZO and Ryo Kunihiko using ORIGA’s vocal tracks.