ORIGA’s final work

ORIGA’s final work will be released as two CD albums.

ORIGA’s greatest hits "all of ORIGA" and the set of her final original albums “Amon Ra” and arrangement of the Russian folk songs “The Annulet” will be released on October 21st.

“all about ORIGA 1994-2014” (RSCR1008/1009) JPY3000+ TAX
Double album with total of 26 tracks. 19 tracks released by Toshiba EMI and GEMMATIKA including two sound sources exclusively released on streaming and additional 7 tracks where ORIGA participated as a vocalist.

“Lost and Found” (RSCR1010/1011) JPY2000 + TAX
Songs were mostly composed by ORIGA herself for “Amon Ra” with 9 tracks and “The annulet” with 5 tracks
“The annulet” contains three bonus tracks each composed by HIMEKAMI, Watusi(COLDFEET)+SUGIZO and Ryo Kunihiko using ORIGA’s vocal tracks.

Sad Announcement

On Saturday, January 17 at 8:20 AM, ORIGA’s short life was ended due to a heart failure at 44 years of age.

It all happened in a flash following 8 days of hospitalization in the Kanagawa Prefecture.

ORIGA arrived to Sapporo as an exchange student in 1991 and began her music activities in Japan as a singer-songwriter. She lived in Tokyo from 1993 to 2011. During this period, in addition to releasing many albums, she was a vocalist for Anime cartoons, games, CM, TV programs and more.

Following her immigration to Vancouver, Canada, while continuing to perform in Japan, her career took new dimensions, including appearing in Anime festivals in North America and Europe.

ORIGA’s life unfortunately ended while she was back in Japan after one year for her studio work in Tokyo. She was able to celebrate the last moments of her life in her second hometown and this seems like no coincidence and was perhaps an end on a positive note for her. Despite the harsh turn of events, she was able to finish her album and In order to remain faithful to her intention; we aim to release the album that she planned on releasing this year.

She leaves us a lot of beautiful music and a beautiful singing voice that can be enjoyed forever, even after she is gone.

Dear kind listener, we would like to thank you for your kindness, support, encouragement and kind regards.

Thank you all!

January 19, 2015
Road & Sky Organization Nobuhiko Takahashi

Korean game “Herowarz”

Origa has been participated on the recording one track for Korean game “Herowarz”

Live at Anime Revolution

Live at Anime Revolution Aug. 23, 2014 in Vancouver, Canada

CosDay² in Frankfurt

2nd European stage will be very soon – on July 19th and 20th!
She will be attending for the CosDay² in Frankfurt (Germany).

CosDay² website

Anime2014 in the Netherlands

Origa will be performing live at Anime 2014 (Hague, Netherlands) on June 13th, 19:00.

ANIME2014 website

Anime2014 in the Netherlands

Origa was also invited Anime2014 in the Netherlands. She started preparing a new program and, at the same time, has been helping the organizers raise the necessary funds for the implementation of this trip.

Russian anime festival

This spring Origa will be participating in the Russian anime festival. The concert will be on April 20 at club “Rock House” (Moscow). 


“Sound Academy”

Russian “Allods online” game was updated in January 2014. Origa took part when she visited Moscow recently. She also joined with the advertising in a project called “Sound Academy”. It was a competition between players for a chance to be featured in the soundtrack for the game. She represented herself as a leader and judge. 

Recorded the vocals for the soundtracks

As well, Origa recorded the vocals for the ready-made soundtracks that go into the release by early February. Songs «Слёзы дубрав» «Сердце мира»